“Just because it’s in the grocery story doesn’t mean it’s food.” REDHEART

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RedHeart is a masterful and colorful Teacher of the EarthWisdom teachings. As a transgender human, RedHeart lives and loves within his unique mix of active feminine and masculine energies, behaviors and roles. His goal is to use this gift of the trans-perspective to see and describe our ordinary world in refreshing and meaningful ways; favorite venues include organizational politics, personal growth, spiritual development and the evolution of consciousness and the Universe – all within the wholistic context of EarthWisdom teachings.

RedHeart is a long-time and fertile contributing member of the OneHeart Circle community  and has been instrumental in developing the solstice ceremonies of summer PrayerDance and winter Kiva Dreaming at Potter’s Farm, Wisconsin, USA – our community’s ceremonial grounds (pottersfarm.org).

RedHeart grew up the 2nd of 7 siblings on a dairy farm in Ottertail County, Minnesota. The family records show no known connection to Native American ancestry. However, as RedHeart wryly notes: “In the big picture, we all have many ancestors, and most of them don’t have papers”.

The name ‘redheart’ evokes the spiritual connection of unity. “You have a red heart, and I have a red heart. We are all connected.” The name came to RedHeart during one of several EarthWisdom ceremonies held in Yucatan, Mexico. It is now his legal name.

RedHeart has emeritus licensing as an educator, psychologist and investment real estate agent. RedHeart also bring experience and love of farming, composting, food, bow-hunting, music, ballet and more food. RedHeart lives joyfully with 4 horses on 40 wild acres among the Mississippi River bluffs near Red Wing, Minnesota, USA.

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They say, “Life is lived in the Present Moment.”                                                                                           They say, “Life is not a competition.”                                                                                                                       I say, “The One who dies with the most present moments – Wins!”      REDHEART