The Creation Story of Gender


The Creation Story of Gender – understanding the spiritual roots of gender, is a teaching ceremony which draws upon the simple and profound 9-line creation story of ancient oral Earth Wisdom teachings.  These teachings show us how gender itself originated at the time of creation, and how gender has evolved over time, in the same way that all aspects of Life have evolved.

Spiritual Gender –  As a powerful and animating energy force in the human body, gender encourages the body to move and to think and to feel in feminine and/or masculine ways. Even before we draw the first breath of our Life, we come out of the womb already imbued with much of the gender energy mix that will pre-destine how we will be in the world.  Gender is among the very first sparks which animates your physical Life. Understanding Spiritual Gender helps move the concept and conversation of gender away from the ordinary realm of complexity and confusion, and into the extraordinary and sublime realm of our Spirit.

Understanding the original spiritual roots of gender will strengthen the ability of all of us to live more fully into the truth of who we truly are.

Content includes:

  • 8 Aspects of Gender (4 External / 4 Internal)
  • Gender Energy
  • Spiritual Gender
  • Mobile Gender
  • Sacred Gender
  • Future of M/F as Identify

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“Being who you truly are is not gender dysphoria – its gender euphoria.”     REDHEART

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