Rethinking Provocative Clothing

As I allowed more and more of what I experienced as feminine energy within me, I noticed a “radiating of energy arising from my 1st and 2nd chakra areas (lower abdomen). This energy provided my body with a spontaneous and effervescent sense of well-being and quiet joy.  It also had the feeling of an organic sensuousness with tones of beauty. This energy also carried quiet tones of eroticism, but was not overtly sexual. These feelings felt feminine to me.

I also began to notice that my body movements would complement and feed into this feeling of sensuous beauty – sitting in more feminine postures, legs crossed, or tucked under sitting on them; body twisted slightly sideways, hand on chin, fingers near mouth.  As well, as my choice of clothing would complement and support these feelings of sensuous beauty. Experimenting with more feminine clothing I was surprised to gradually discover what I believe is an unspoken role that clothing has in expressing, supporting and accentuating this inner feeling of sensuous beauty.

This experience gave me the very real sense that the unfolding of the feminine in young and teen girls has not been carefully examined in their own words, nor has it been well documented outside of the perspective of the masculine-dominate culture. I realized that until that moment, the only context I had for tight, short clothing on girls and women was that they were being sexually provocative. I had no context that this was a natural and inherent (and non-sexual) expression of their gender experience.

I was struck how quickly, thoroughly and strongly our current masculine-dominate culture uses powerful emotional tones of danger and shame to misinterpret and mislabel the budding feminine expression of sensuous beauty. The impact results in an inability of young and teen girls to fully and cleanly experience, name, and discuss their own gender experience.

While it indeed can be dangerous for girls to be unaware of the impulsive nature of the masculine energy and what it sees as sexually inviting cues, in a world where what is feminine is as valued as what is masculine, girls would not have to modify (make co-dependent) the natural expression of their gender energies because of the unbridled and currently privileged expression of the masculine gender energies.

Indeed the most important aspect of self-protection against any danger (regardless of gender) is one’s attitude of self-confidence and self-righteousness that comes from self-awareness – i.e. Boundaries: “Knowing where I stop and you start”, and “Don’t tread on me”. If I am right about the inner experience and natural expression of sensuous beauty being an inherent part of feminine energy, then anyone – female or male – who wears clothing or moves gracefully in a way which expresses sensuous beauty – they are simply doing what they are meant to do – bring beauty and grace into our world. We should respect them for that – even when they do it clumsily. Anything done well takes practice. And it is much easier to practice effectively when you don’t have an entire culture hollering in your ear about what is or isn’t beautiful.

Legally, we all have the right to be who we truly are. Spiritually, we can only be at peace inside when we understand and accept who we truly are. Our current normative cultural presumption that sensuous clothing and graceful body movements are intentionally sexually provocative constricts and truncates the full flowering of the feminine in our daily living.  It is an unexamined assumption we collectively have been holding in place with an unchallenged and unconscious act of masculine bullying – threatening the natural expression of beauty with fear. In this light, it seems silly and embarrassing – sort of like blinding one of our own eyes, reducing the quality of our own lives.

Conclusion: It seems to me the power-to-label by the current dominate masculine gender, has made it nearly impossible for girls to fully know themselves or fully be themselves. Without the unfettered opportunity to freely experience and explore the inherent nature of the gender energies within them, they cannot step into the full expression of their own uniqueness – which in turn would allow them to stand fully in their own power and make the maximum contribution to family, society and the greater whole. One big problem in the world today is there is not enough clear and bright feminine energy. Not enough caring and sharing – both of which can be inspired by the active presence of beauty. I now better understand why this is so.

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