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RH Portriat1506ii RedHeart is the EarthWisdom teacher for this site.

TalksRedHeart is available to talk with your group for 30, 60, and 90 minute introductory presentations on each of the Teachings described below.

Teachings RedHeart periodically schedules Half-day, full-day, and weekend teaching ceremonies on each of the Titles described below. (See Calendar tab for details.)

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Humanure – Safely Recycling Your Human Manure & Urine – Amid the world-wide records of our collective stories of humans, there is very little mention of how groups and civilizations have dealt with our human manure and urine. And still today, for millions of people world-wide, human toileting remains a messy, smelly public health problem and hazard. Now, beginning in the late 20th century (1996) we have, as well as a printed book “The Humanure Handbook” written and published by Joseph Jenkins – [There is not enough fresh water on the planet for everyone to use a flush toilet’]. Now printed in several languages and having sold over 60,000 copies, every human on our planet can have access to simple, safe, clean, non-smelly toilet self-sufficiency. You will be amazed how this very basic, low-tech, easy to build and maintain system can work for your family and your community. No smells, no flies and no varmints, safely composting it all in your backyard.

Cycles – The Containers for Life’s Energy – All energy moves in cycles. Some cycles are very long, others are very short. Some cycles are very predictable, others are more erratic. But no energy is completely random, unharnessed by some version of a cycle. This means that it is the cycle which gives direction, intelligence and effect to energy’s expression. In today’s gendered terms: Energy is masculine, and cycles are feminine. Cycles are the containers of and for energy. Our careful consideration of cycles teaches us much about how to best use all energy.

The Creation Story of Gender   In the beginning…   This is a telling of the Creation Story of the Universe based on the ancient Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. By its self, this is a very simple and sweet story which touches and opens the human heart at a deep level.  Surprisingly, this story also reveals the very origins of gender. Tracing the creation of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine from the beginning of time, the story reveals gender as a spiritual energy – a highly fluid and vital energy which animates the body in individually unique ways. The Creation Story of Gender gives your gender experience spiritual roots – especially if you are living a more diverse, artisan gender experience. See 8 aspects of Gender.

Spiritual Gender    Gender can be many things. Gender can be fetal, it can be bio-chemical, it can be cultural, and it can be situational. But what makes gender Spiritual? As a powerful and animating energy force in the human body, gender encourages the body to move and to think and to feel in feminine and/or masculine ways. Even before we draw the first breath of our Life, we come out of the womb already imbued with much of the gender energy mix that will pre-destine how we will want to be in the world.  Gender is among the very first sparks which animates your physical and psychological Life. It seems clear that gender is a very close cousin of your Spirit itself.  This presentation of Spiritual Gender helps move the concept and conversation of gender away from the ordinary realm of roles and sex, and into the extraordinary and sublime realm of Spirit.

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Sacred Gender    There are many books on the ‘wars’ between the sexes;  the coming era of the Sacred Feminine; ‘The Rise of Women and the End of Men’; and many books on the individual and collective struggles of the LGBTQI and Two-Spirit communities. All speak to the strife that is centered around gender. How does this multifarious gender – become Sacred Gender? Drawing on insights within the Creation Story of Gender, we can look back upon the time when gender was sacred, and we can see what we each individually need to do to return our personal gender experience to the realm of Sacred Gender. Not surprisingly, our collective experience of Sacred Gender will occur one person at a time. It all begins with you.

“Rethinking Provocative Clothing  RedHeart retraces the steps of this profound portion of his trans-gender experience which describes the relationship between wearing sensuous clothing and experiencing the innocent feminine energy of beauty and self-appreciation.  From teens to seniors, the story of this experience becomes the basis for a lively group discussion of – What is feminine? What is masculine? And what is a conscious, and respectful dance between the two?

“Never Underestimate Your Ability to Delude Yourself”  The single and largest error of humankind is unconscious hubris. We consistently and unthinkingly have presumed we have the right to take, to trample, to misuse – the Earth, its resources, and each other.  Never Underestimate Your Ability to Delude Yourself is a fun and friendly teaching mantra which encourages us to go boldly forward – fully knowing  that we could be completely wrong. A joyful way to create the habit of humility – while also encouraging and releasing your creativity and your ambition.

RedHeart & RainbowHawk 2009RedHeart with his Teacher RainbowHawk in 2009.

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  1. Hey there, RedHeart!

    I didn’t know about your website til I just found it.
    I love your material and am tickled you are using your particular Brilliance to shine forth. Takes me back to our Black Lodge days.

    I have always been a fan of your statement, “Never underestimate your ability to delude yourself.” That’s a great one. Kin to “Don’t believe everything you think.”

    See you soon for Kiva-

    Love, DE

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