The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals


The fundamentals of the Earth Wisdom teachings are both extraordinarily simple – and extraordinarily complex.

The Simple

The teaching phrases:

  • “all my relations”  [everything is related to everything] or  [I am related to everything]
  • “no hierarchy” [every human being is a sovereign being]
  •  “all the voices need to be heard”
  •  “I am another you”
  • “notice your attachment to form”

are all you really need to know to live whole and balanced life. These short phrases contain the basic fundamentals of EarthWisdom teachings. The lessons contained within each of these phrases are necessary for a person to begin to comprehend the basic message of the Earth Wisdom teachings.

The Complex

Most people find that their human mind needs a lot of stretching and restructuring to fully understand and live by these fundamentals.  However, because EarthWisdom is filled with Truth, once tasted, this challenge easily becomes a lifelong journey and challenge of and for love and joy.

Earth Wisdom teachers and students cooperatively dedicate their lives to living into these fundamental truths and values.

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